About Us

GetMyAutoInsurance.com is an auto insurance comparison site. We provide useful tools to help consumers make educated insurance decisions with confidence. We have partnered with some of the insurance providers included on our site.

Our expert team of analysts and editors research insurance rate data to create reports that compare average rates by age, postal code, coverage level, and more. Tell us a little bit about you to instantly compare rates and policies from top carriers. You can compare rates on your own, using our online tools, get free car insurance quotes after being matched instantly with top insurance providers in your area.

The cost of car insurance is a major component of any household budget, so it’s wise to know what you can expect to pay. Getting an estimate of your car insurance rate helps you map out your finances and provides you with a baseline cost. This is helpful when shopping for a policy, so you don’t overpay.

The GetMyAutoInsurance.com team is made up of regular people with insurance policy needs, just like you. We understand that insurance decisions can be confusing, and we’re here to help you make smart choices. Insurance policies not only impact your wallet, they also can impact your future. We’re here to help you make car insurance buying decisions with confidence.

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